L’artista camerunense Ajarb Bernard ATEGWA, ( Kumba, 1988) espone contemporaneamente le sue opere alla Jack Bell Gallery di Londra nonché al Espace Doual’art di Douala dal 25 gennaio al 29 febbraio 2020.

” En tant que citoyen qui pratique sa ville d’adoption, Ajarb peint les dédales urbains saturés. Douala lui offre la possibilité de mêler les objets et les situations afind de rendre visibles les regards éveillés de ceux qui transpirent entre klaxons de voiutures et amas de chassures sur les troittoirs. Cette exposition solo nous en dira plus” Source: Institut Français, Cameroun. 

 Ajarb Bernard Ategwa, Kololo Boys inside attack 1, 2019

Kololo Boys inside attack 1, 2019


“Ategwa lives and works in Douala, Cameroon’s largest city. His hometown has had many foreign influences in the past and more recently an influx of migrants from within the country as well as from neighbouring regions. This has shaped Douala into the vibrant and colourful metropolis that is the source of Ategwa’s art. The paintings work as sequences in a larger narrative describing the chaos of his urban surroundings.

Ategwa’s works are large format and mimic the scale of cityscapes and public space. Moving between the taxi stands, newsagents, bars, roadside markets and fleeting moments of respite, the artist offers snapshots of everyday life. His vivid colour palette and graphic style speak the language of advertising familiar to Douala’s inhabitants. 

His work has recently been shown widely in an international context. In 2018 he had his first solo show with Peres Projects, Berlin. Jack Bell Gallery will be presenting a solo booth of new paintings by Ategwa at the upcoming Armory Show, New York”. Fonte:




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