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Bonjour les Cinéphiles,

Je Vous attend SAMEDI 25 MAI 2019 à 15h00 à l‘Institut Français pour passer un bon moment ensemble avec la dernière projection du cineforum “SAMEDIS DU CINEMA ITALIEN” 2018 2019.

À l’écran, “COME UN GATTO IN TANGENZIALE” de Riccardo Milani, Italie, 2017, min. 98′, V.O. sous titré en italien. Le film a remporté 3 NASTRI D’ARGENTO 2018: meilleure comédie de l’année 2017, meilleure actrice à Paola Cortellesi et meilleur acteur à Antonio Albanese. It was the most popular italian film 2017 with over 1.5 millions cinema admissions!


PCOC4008-700x430 Photo 1. Les gagnants: Riccardo Milani, Paola Cortellesi, Antonio Albanese


Like a Cat on a Highway is a hilarious tale of two parents coming from differents  social class united by a goal: to stop their 13-year-old children from dating each other. Giovanni (Antonio Albanese) a wealthy idealist lives in the centre of Rome, works at E.U. Parliament and strongly believes in social integration, while Monica  an ex-cashier in a supermarket, lives in Rome’s suburbs and daily faces with multicultural social problems. Briefly, they would never have met if their children did not get together.

foto gatto 2

Photo 2. Les parents avec les amoreux Luce (Sonia Bergamasco) and Giulio (Luca Angeletti).


Riccardo Milani (born in Rome 15 April 1958) is a film and television director and a screenwriter. He began his carrer in 1985 as assistant director of Mario Monicelli, Nanni Moretti and Davide Luchetti. Twelve years later, Riccardo Milani made his first film called “Auguri Professore”. “Like a cat on a highway” is his eighth movie.

Enjoy the movie!

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