CAMERUN, ITALIE ,”African Arts”



Le numéro SUMMER 2016, Volume 49, Number 2, UCLA, de la revue scientifique 


dédiée à


Parmi les auteurs figure l’antropologue italo-canadienne Dr. Silvia Forni. Elle est conservateur du departement de l’Art et des Cultures Africaines au Musée de Toronto. Elle est aussi chargée des cours, Anthropology of Material Culture, Ethnography of Africa and Anthropology of Art, à la University of Toronto.

“Her research focuses on the significance of art objects and material culture both in local contexts and as part of  exchange networks. She is interested in the tensions, dynamics, and feedbacks that inspire contemporary creators in Africa and the way art challenges the way Africa has been constructed in the Western imagination. Her interests have brought her to the Ndop Plain (North West Province – Cameroon) to explore pottery production and supported her participation in cooperative projects and research in various African countries including Kenya, Zimbabwe, Senegal and Ghana. Her recent research focus is on the circulation and interpretation – both in scholarship and museum displays – of 20th century African art. In Cameroon, Dr. Forni has been researching the production and marketing of “traditional” African artworks produced since the second half of the 20th century and focusing on the important role of African dealers in the international trade of African art and their contributions to the shaping of collections and knowledge. In Ghana, she has been investigating the production, meaning, performance, and circulation of the insignia of the Asafo companies of the Fante people.”  Réf:



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